Loose Tea Starter Set: Tea, Mug, & Infuser

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This set has EVERYTHING you need to make the perfect cup of loose ☕️ tea. You can prepare it hot or cold, and easily strain out the tea leaves after it's brewed to your liking. 

See, I know that you want to be the kind of high class Mama that doesn't only get their ☕️ tea in bags.

But you also strongly suspect that this loose tea is going to end up sitting on your counter, making you feel guilty because you've never made loose tea before and aren't sure what to do next.

(OH! 😩 The irony of a Guilt-Free Sweet Tea making you feel guilty!!)

That's okay, though, because of course I've gotcha covered, Mama. 😉

With this set, you can (guilt-free) enjoy forgetting about your cup of ☕️ loose tea for a couple of hours while you get distracted by the kids.

Of course, that's only until you finally notice your pretty mug in a completely random location, throw it in the microwave to reheat (did I mention it's microwave safe?), then repeat once or twice more until you either finish drinking it or finally put the kids to bed. 


But even if it takes you until bedtime to drink it, Nicole's Guilt-Free Sweet Tea happens to be sugar-free AND caffeine-free, so it won't keep you up at night...unlike your children 😴