Lip Balm: Bare Naked

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Mamas get to do a lot of kissing...chubby cheeks, boo-boos, baby dolls...and sometimes even Daddies.

And those "working lips" will stay kissably soft and smooth with the high-quality butters and oils inside Bare Naked Lip Balm. 

Unlike many "store-bought" lip balms, this lip balm does not contain any flavorings...which are designed to make you lick your lips more often, which then makes you have to reapply more often...and then buy their lip balm more often, too! 

Not this lip balm. 

Bare Naked contains no added fragrances or flavors, just the natural scent of the oils and butter contained in each lip balm tube.

And if your favorite little person decides to take a bite anyway? No big deal, because the ingredients are always all-natural!

Need more than 1? Save money with a 2-pack!

Recommended Use: Apply as needed to lips to help them stay soft and kissable!

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil