Floral & Feminine Pit Spray (2-oz)

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An all natural, aluminum-free way to keep your Pits smell free!

(Even if you struggle with postpartum or hormonal BO...)

Unlike other deodorant recipes, Pit Spray contains no coconut oil to stain your shirts, and no baking soda to mess with your skin's natural pH (think no more underarm rash!).

After the odor is eliminated, high-quality essential oils will make your pits actually smell GOOD! Plus, I've developed a very special method to mix the Pit Spray so that it's not necessary to shake your bottle before each use...the essential oils will stay evenly blended! All without any weird ingredients. 

Can't decide on a scent? Save money with the 2-oz Sampler Pack!

Recommended Use: 2-4 spritzes per pit, as needed, to prevent or eliminate your BO. Like all natural deodorants, you may choose to reapply throughout the day depending on your personal preferences and activity level. 

TIP: Depending on your usage, a 2-oz bottle should last about 2 months. I keep one in my purse, one in my bathroom, and one in my living room so it's always handy!

Save money by buying the 2-oz 2-pack! 

Ingredients: Ethanol, Water, Essential Oils of Lavender, Geranium, and Wild Orange