"Calm Down, Mama" Roller Bottle (10-ml)

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Have you ever had a moment when the kids are yelling at each other...

...the baby's crying because she got woke up early from nap...

...you forgot to start dinner 30 minutes ago...

...and all you really want to do is finish one little thing without being interrupted seventeen times?

Mm-hmm. Me too, Mama.

This roller bottle is for those days. 

(Yeah, I gotcha. That would pretty much be every day. It's like that at my house, too.)

So, before you turn into Hulk Smash Mama (again...) and lock the kids outside until bedtime, take a Mama-Time-Out to transform back into the kind of Mama you know you WANT to be.

The kind of Mama who patiently kisses boo-boos, sings "Baby Shark" eleven times, and still cooks a nutritious dinner for her family. (Or makes PB&J. PB&J is a legit dinner. No judgment.)

This high-quality, well-sourced essential oil blend will be the "Mama's Little Helper" that your kids don't want to be. It won't fold your laundry, but it WILL help you keep your cool as you go about your day.

Recommended Use: Apply to neck and/or wrists (or other preferred area) as needed to help relax and chase away feelings of stress and anxiousness. Unlike modern pharmaceuticals, applying smaller amounts more frequently is almost always better than applying large amounts infrequently! 

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, essential oils of Bergamot, Wild Orange, and Lavender

This 10-ml roller bottle has been diluted to approximately 5%. 

The roller bottle color you receive will vary, and is based on whatever I currently have in stock.

This is a handmade remedy and has not been evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to "cure" diseases or ailments. If you have any concerns about using this product given your personal medical situation, please contact a medical provider that you trust!