Better Bug Spray 2-Pack (2-oz each)

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An all-natural Bug Spray that works...without those questionable ingredients you'd rather have your family avoid!

This recipe is specially formulated to keep the high-quality essential oils incorporated into the Bug Spray (versus simply floating on top...) without using any oils (which would also simply float on top...).

This way, you won't risk any oil stains on your clothes. And most importantly, if (who are we kidding...when!) your kids forget to "Shake Well Before Each Use", there will still be an even amount of essential oils in Every. Single. Squirt.

(One more thing...even if you don't love the smell of Citronella essential oil, give this a try because I promise that you'll get all the bug-busting benefits of citronella without the strong scent of it with this unique blend of essential oils!)

Recommended Use: Apply liberally to body. Does not need to cover every inch of exposed skin, though, because the bugs are repelled by the scent. Expect to reapply more often than conventional bug sprays that contain chemicals. (For use on younger chidren: Due to the high concentration of essential oils, it is recommended that you apply Better Bug Spray to clothing, shoes, and hair rather than directly to their skin. Because they're short anyway, this will provide enough scent to keep the bugs away from their skin, to!)

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Ingredients: Water, Ethanol, Essential Oils of Lemon Eucalyptus, Wild Orange, and Citronella