About the Boutique...

💜 The Mommy Plus More Boutique has all-natural, handmade products (plus carefully curated trifles!) especially for Mamas AND the people that Mamas love 💜

But you only have to share with the little people if you want to 😉

Each recipe is carefully developed and tested on people that I love, so you KNOW it is safe AND it works!

So let's take a "Mommy Time-out"!

I'll #ObsessivelyResearch whatever natural health, DIY home/body recipe, essential oil, herb, backyard weed, or homeschool tactic that seems interesting. In return, YOU feel free to send me on a tangent by asking questions about whatever YOUR inquiring mind wants to know!


Get Special Coupons, "Behind-the-Scenes" Peeks, and Opportunities for Product Testing!