"Boo Boo Kisses" Roller Bottle (5-ml, Kid Essentials)

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Everyone knows that there's magic in a Mama's kiss.

They have the power to soothe the ouchiest of boo-boos! 

But while your heart melts every time your little human runs at you with their itty bitty "injury"...

...and you think "Someday I'll miss this..."

...the TRUTH is that today you're:

❗️In a hurry to finish dinner,

❗️Up to your elbows in raw chicken,

❗️And fighting a MAJOR headache from all the kid-screaming that's been happening. 


So instead of compounding your headache by bringing dinner prep to a screeching halt, all so that you can wash your hands and kiss an invisible boo-boo...

...you can lovingly provide a "pre-bottled kiss" that they can apply for themselves.

This kid-sized roller bottle has been filled with high-quality, well-sourced essential oils chosen to soothe minor bumps and other occasional skin irritations (whether real OR imaginary!).

So whether your little one trips on the playground, gets scratched by a fingernail, or simply has an older brother who <gasp!> breathed on them wrong...it's Boo Boo Kisses to the rescue!

Recommended Use: Apply immediately, and then reapply every 1-2 hours to areas that have received a minor bump or scrape that needs soothing. Unlike modern pharmaceuticals, applying smaller amounts more frequently is almost always better than applying large amounts infrequently! 

Not recommended to apply to areas that are bleeding, so that you do not contaminate the roller bottle.

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, essential oils of Cypress, Lavender, Geranium, and Frankincense

This 5-ml roller bottle has been diluted to approximately 3%. 

The roller bottle color you receive will vary, and is based on what I currently have in stock.

This is a handmade remedy and has not been evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to "cure" diseases or ailments. If you have any concerns about using this product given your personal medical situation, please contact a medical provider that you trust!